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Yuvraj Singh​ Centre of Excellence

The Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence (YSCE) is the culmination of many years of toil & sweat from a passionate dedicated cricketer YUVRAJ SINGH who has become one of the India’s cricketing icons.

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The Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence (YSCE) is the culmination of many years of toil & sweat from a passionate dedicated cricketer YUVRAJ SINGH who has become one of the India’s cricketing icons.
Conceptualized by the man himself, YSCE is not just another academy but an integrated 360 degree sports development institute created to be an outstanding base for player development where all players have the maximum possibilities to reach their full potential.

YSCE’s out of the box strategy focuses on developing the sporting ecosystem of the country via a multi faceted approach which includes setting up high quality cricket academies across the country, identifying and supporting technology solutions for the enhancement of the sports, pitch intelligence, character building and event the full understanding of the laws.


YSCE Management

Yuvraj Singh

Founder & Director

Shabnam Singh


Sandeep Sharma

Vice President

Ajay Ratra

Head Coach


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    Our Team & Coaches

    Meet our team of Professionals


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    Why YSCE

    Why YSCE

    What make us different

    We Live Cricket !

    The Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence is the culmination of many years of toil and sweat from a passionate, dedicated cricketer who has become one of India’s cricketing icons. Cricket has given Yuvraj Singh everything he has today and with YSCE, Yuvraj is looking to give something back to the game. Through YSCE, Yuvraj, hopes to give young, budding cricketers the platform to follow and realize their dreams.


    Our Coaches

    • Renowned Players & BCCI certified coaches
    • BCCI certified Physio’s
    • BCCI certified trainer

    Exposure & Guidence

    • Customized sessions according to age and ability levels
    • Video Analysis to correct and improve the technical aspects of the game
    • International Exchange Programs
    • International/National Camp

    Fitness & Diet

    • Mental conditioning sessions
    • Fitness sessions and Fitness test
    • Regular education about balanced nutrition/diet

    Message from Yuvraj Singh

    Welcome to my world or rather to my dream. I believe that I am blessed to be able to live my dream from growing up learning cricket to being received tough training by my father. I feel honored and privileged to become an integral part of the Indian cricket team and winning the 2011 ICC World Cup in the most astonishing & successful period in history.

    And all these happened to me because my cricket career was first given direction along with focus and then a chance. Ten years down my cricket career and I now have one more dream and YSCE is that dream.







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